Therapists & Coaches
in the Effective Altruism community

If you prefer to see a therapist, counselor, or coach who's familiar with effective altruism, here are some options.

If you are an EA-friendly coach, counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist who would like to be added to this web page, please reach out to the Effective Altruism Mental Health Navigator project manager (Emily) at

Ewelina Tur

Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

I know that therapy can be a very challenging process. My approach is to be compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental but also authentic and goal-oriented. My primary aim is to help you develop specific skills that allow you to improve your well-being and solve future problems by yourself. I also make use of concrete techniques and tools, which you will further practice through regular homework.


I use different techniques from many forms of evidence-based therapy, most commonly CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.


I often work with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, procrastination, lack of motivation, burnout, perfectionism, problems in establishing or maintaining romantic or social relationships, life crises, and more. I don’t treat acute psychosis—including affective disorders with (severe) psychotic symptoms—and severe eating disorders. 


I’ve been working with EA clients since 2018. I have worked in various mental health hospitals and research institutes since 2012. 


I mostly work online but can offer in-person sessions in London. The first call is always free. The 50-minute sessions are £70 per session. 

For more details, see my website.

Damon Sasi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My model of therapy is non-hierarchical. As the therapist I have education and experience, but the client always has expertise on their own life, history, and what works and does not work for them. I utilize evidence based therapies (such as CBT/DBT, Internal Family Systems, Solution Focused, and Narrative therapy), and my focus is always on ensuring that I’m not just providing a non-judgmental ear, but also access to a knowledge base and depth of experience that can supplement the client’s own understanding of their life and difficulties to achieve measurable growth. My practice is all online at the moment and charges $150 per session, however, please don't let cost prevent you from reaching out, as we might be able to work something out. I'm located in Eastern Time, but I keep weird hours and can see clients in European timezones. Learn more at

Thomas Blank, PhD

Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Due to high ethical demands, there are a number of mental health issues that EAs seem particularly susceptible to, e.g., perfectionism, self-sacrificing or depression/anxiety in general. Successful treatment is based on a detailed analysis of the origin of your problems, the current situation and the conditions that are perpetuating the problems. In cognitive behavioral therapies, I use a structured, evidence-based approach (Kanfer et al., 2012): Anamnesis & Diagnosis, Goal setting, Intervention Planning, Intervention Execution, Evaluation. This is achieved by joint decision making at every step and patients’ active working attitude towards facilitating positive change.

I’m a mathematician, psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher in mental health working at the Medical University Vienna, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and at a mental health outpatient clinic.

Gina Hafez

Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi I’m Gina! I have a long history of working in various settings: jails, mental hospitals, and intensive care units, as well as academic settings. My therapeutic style incorporates mental health first aid as well interpersonal neurobiology and the neuroaffective relational model (NARM) as frameworks. I’m also deeply informed by person-centered therapies as well as existential inquiries into what has shaped and influenced you in the world and in relationships. Integration of philosophical as well as spiritual and cultural insights is what I most enjoy and aspire to effectively support in my work with clients. You can reach me at


I’m a licensed professional counselor in VA and TX but as of July 2022 will only be accepting remote sessions!

Daria Levin


I'm a UK-based psychotherapist mainly using a cognitive behavioural (CBT) approach but also incorporating other evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, compassion-focused therapy, schema therapy and some humanistic techniques. I work with depression, anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and others. I also work with less disorder-specific issues such as perfectionism, insomnia, and burnout, and with people undergoing major life transitions such as job loss, migration, divorce, or loss. 

I haven't worked with EAs before, and I wouldn't necessarily self-identify as EA, but I do know a lot of EAs socially, and I share a lot of their values.

I deliver sessions both online via video call, and in-person in North Oxford. Currently I'm only seeing clients who are normally resident in the United Kingdom. For more information, or to book an initial consultation or therapy session please visit my website.

Daniel Kestenholz

Certified Professional Coach

I help people in the EA community face difficult challenges and make their biggest contribution to the world while taking care of themselves. My clients include staff at CEA/80K, Charity Entrepreneurship, CLR/EAF, FHI, Rethink Priorities, and OpenAI.

Most of my clients are either early-stage professionals who want to be more effective at work or emerging leaders and managers who want to get great at working with others. I also work with people who want to become better learners to navigate greater and more rapid change and complexity.

My coaching follows a person-centered (empathic and supportive, non-directive) and behavior-focused (action and future-oriented) approach. I'm certified with the International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches.

I'm located in Central European Time (CET). Sessions are 60 minutes in duration, and we meet via Google Meet or Zoom. My fee for each 60-minute session is €90 for personally funded clients and €135 for corporate-sponsored clients.

See my website for more information.

Tee Barnett

Personal Strategist (Coach)

Working with me is about having a ‘personal strategist’ that helps guide the discovery, navigation and refinement of deep perceptual constructs that meaningfully affect your personal and professional life. My methods at this level of depth have proven valuable across a wide variety of high-performers, including several organization leaders in effective altruism, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager, 2x unicorn startup founder, Oxford professor and startup co-founder pairs. Some of their anonymized stories you can find here. You can find more info in my FAQ section

I’ve recently partnered with Training For Good, a coaching organization within the effective altruism community, to offer trials of my coaching. I’m also currently trialing my coaching with leaders of organizations in Effective Altruism (Rethink Priorities, HLI, Nonlinear Fund, Fortify Health, Centre for Long-Term Resilience, etc.)

I'm a co-founder and current board director of Rethink Charity (RC), a project collective that launched and/or incubated several EA community building projects, including Rethink PrioritiesRC Forward, the EA Hub, the EA SurveyEA Giving Tuesday, and fiscal sponsorship for numerous startup EA-aligned projects. RC Projects that have since closed down are Students for High-Impact Charity, the Local Effective Altruism Network and Rethink Grants.

My current path to scalable impact is focused on facilitating a wave of ambitious and clear-minded clients that will have compounding goodness for the world, especially as they start their own projects, manage others, and navigate their own relationships.

Dave Cortright

Certified Professional Coach

After two decades as a Silicon Valley product designer and four years as director of technology for a wildlife nonprofit, I pivoted to professional coaching. I am passionate about helping others, and by guiding them to find their true calling, I amplify my impact on improving the world.


I follow the integral coaching methodology from New Ventures West. However, I know every person is unique and pride myself on designing an approach that is best suited for the individual and their situation.


I have been a serious philanthropist since 2004 and an effective altruist since 2017, supporting animal welfare and environmental causes. I am also a member of the International Coaching Foundation (ICF). I am a trained crisis counselor and a top-rated compassionate listener on 7 Cups. I have lived experience with anxiety, depression, procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome.


I’m in Palo Alto, California, USA (Pacific Time Zone). Sessions occur over Zoom. My EA community rate is $150/hour, but I am happy to negotiate if you are a student, paying out-of-pocket, or working for a nonprofit/NGO. Our first session (a chemistry call) is free.


For more information, check out my LinkedIn profile or email me directly:

Mary Bajorek

Work Life Coach

I guide professionals through transition points in their careers towards feeling agentic, confident and capable so that their work can become aligned with who they are and the impact they want to make in the world. To date, I have guided dozens of people from all over the world in a myriad of professions to experience their work as an expression of who they are at the core and what they deeply care about.


I offer 1:1 coaching either on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the client’s needs. The rates differ depending on the engagement and are usually within $200-$250 CAD per 1h session but I am more than happy to figure something out if cost is prohibitive. I also offer free workshops every two months on various topics ranging from relationship to money, purpose, desire and choice (more information on:


If you want to reach out, here is a link to book a free 1h intro session or email me directly:

Lynette Bye

Productivity Coach

Hi! I’m a productivity coach who works with effective altruists.

My goal is to help the people who are trying to solve the world’s most pressing problems to clarify your priorities and do more of your most important work. Realistically, I’m not going to solve all your problems, and you won’t have a four-hour work week. You can’t "do it all."

But you can do what matters most. I’ll help you do that based on my experience seeing what works for EAs trying to stay motivated, stay focused, and produce results. You can view my posts on modelstheory of change, and prioritization for examples of how I view the world.

You might be feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, behind, or just like you could be doing more. If that’s you, let’s talk.


Schedule a free intake call on my website.


All calls are remote. European and US time zones work well. The regular price is $200 per session, and I offer a sliding scale.

Terezie Kosíková

Certified mindfulness and CBT coach

I am a life coach emphasizing relationships and dating, communication and social skills, emotions and needs, motivation and goal setting, career coaching, self-care, and productivity.


The main methods I use are mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. I would be happy to guide you through your progress. 


The best way to find out if I am an optimal coach for you is to book a free intro session. And no, you are not wasting my time, I would love talking to you even if you are uncertain! If you have any hesitation about booking via the calendly link directly, please drop me an email at


My rate for the session is $60 per 50 minutes session. You can find more about me on my coaching website or LinkedIn

Outside of coaching I am focusing on EA movement-building (I am a former community builder of Czech EA and coordinator of smaller projects). Currently, I am drawn to EA meta, as I am a cofounder of the EA mindfulness-based programme. Our goal is to help an effective altruist to be productive, but also happy. We believe that this could be a path toward long-lasting motivation.

Andrew Bresee


I am a holistic counselor trained in Hakomi, a mindfulness-based somatic therapy modality. In 2018 I was in a dark place and very disembodied. Seeing a Hakomi therapist helped me reconnect with my “right-brain”, intuitive, body-based awareness, so much so that I wanted to study it myself. I studied Hakomi from 2019 to 2021 and became a TA in the program later that year.


I am located in Oakland, CA (PST) and currently taking online clients. I hope to open an office in the East Bay before the end of the year. My sessions are offered on a sliding scale of $80-$140, depending on your ability to pay. If you’d like to learn more you can take a look at my website here

May Ho

Chartered Manager, Business, Career and Performance Coach

My purpose is to empower (aspiring) leaders worldwide to reach their potential. I founded artwhich® –an educational support services business in London, the United Kingdom that builds the capacities of (aspiring) leaders to drive systemic change for a better world.


We exist to collectively create a sustainable world that focuses on the wellbeing of all. As a coach, I partner with individuals, teams, and organisations to help (aspiring) leaders and their teams enjoy their development journey. EA Advocate, Chartered Manager, and EMCC Master Member, I adopt a person-centred approach and embrace a developmental coaching style. My strength as a coach lies in my ability to contribute vigorously and energetically to various commitments that challenge you to grow. I believe coaching is about a long-term relationship of equals. I am always here to support you and help you to break down barriers to achieve positive outcomes.


I am based in the London BST/GMT time zone. Sessions occur remotely over Zoom. My EA community rate is £100 GBP ($125 USD) per hour. Discount is available if you are an early career professional or working for a non-profit organisation. Our first half an hour session is free. Write to to schedule your session.

Daryl Edwards

ReFi and SocEnt Founder Coach

I am fascinated by human ingenuity & coordination, effective impact, and the power of asking great questions; especially when combined.

I have a deep background in Social Entrepreneurship, Systems Engineering, Crypto (DeFi, DAOs, ReFi) and am a certified coach. I help Impact-Focussed Founders leverage their time so they can live their dream life while creating impact they've only dreamed of.


The best place to see what I'm up to is on Twitter:
The second best place is LinkedIn:

Coaching is by referral, invitation, or application only, limited spaces available. Email for more info:
daryl AT