This page is split into two halves:

(1) A mental health resources data bank with information specific to one's location or specific life situation and

(2) General resources for mental health that could apply to anyone, including:

                    Information on Finding Care

                    Information on Specific Conditions and Situations

                    Mental Health Resources created by the EA Community

Interested in, working in or adjacent to the mental health sector?

Then you may be interested in this short survey by High-Impact Psychology, which aims to define which infrastructure/community-related needs there might be in the mental health space.


Mental health resources by location and specialty

A note on finding help via this table

For those who may not be familiar with AirTable, the filter function can seem unintuitive to use, but it actually is a very useful tool for finding providers who meet your criteria! Just click on "Filter" and select "Add condition" to apply your criteria. Multiple conditions can be added at the same time by adding more with "Add condition". "Add condition group" can be used to filter by "and" or "or". Scroll to the right in the table to view all of its columns.

General resources for mental health

​Books and written resources 

Ewelina Tur's list of workbooks and self-help books

Crisis support

Crisis support phone lines and text lines (we're currently expanding this list to include all countries)


Therapy Route has provided an article that lists helplines, crisis lines, and suicide hotlines for 176 countries (so nearly every country in the world). Its last update was January 2, 2020. Command+F to search the page for your respective country. Or, check out this Wikipedia article listing suicide crisis lines, which lists resources in 93 countries.

For mental health providers seeing Effect Altruism community members

Julia Wise and Damon Sasi have put together a resource for mental health providers who are seeing a patient who is involved in the Effective Altruism community and aren't sure whether the person's Effective Altruism involvement is part of a mental health problem.

Information on finding care now has its own subpage here.

Information on specific conditions and situations is now available here.

Mental Health talks, podcasts, posts, and projects created by EA community members are now available on their own subpage here.

The EA Mental Health Programme

The EA Mental Health Programme is an 8-week workshop that aims to give EAs the tools to maintain good mental health. The workshop follows an 8-chapter workbook covering:

  • Mindfulness & Emotions

  • Self-Compassion

  • Widening Circles of Compassion

  • Relating to Others

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Sustainable Motivation and Preventing Burnout

  • Creating a Healthy Community

  • Wellbeing and behavioral change

You can find the workbook and more information on the workshop on its own subpage here.

Support groups

The EA CoWorking Discord Server

EA Peer Support Facebook Group

Effective Peer Support