EA Mindfulness-Based Programme

We want an effective altruist to be productive but also happy. We believe that this could be a path toward long-lasting motivation.


That is why we've been designing a mindfulness-based programme to support the mental health, motivation, and productivity of EAs, as well as to help them build a healthy approach toward EA, and connect to certain EA concepts — such as uncertainty or the importance of the long-term future — experientially through meditation, thus connecting reason and emotion.


The goal is to give the members instruments and knowledge which they could use on their own after the programme. The programme designed specifically for EAs will allow members to support each other and share advice and experience specifically related to EA. 


The programme is split into two halves:

  1. 4-week introductory course: Introduction to mindfulness and emotions, Self-Compassion, Widening the Circles of Compassion, Relating to Others

  2. 4-week in-depth course: Imposter Syndrome, Sustainable Motivation and Preventing Burnout, Working with Feelings of Blame, Guilt and Uncertainty, and Cooperation

Do you want to get involved?

If you want to get involved, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information and have the opportunity to participate in our workshops.  Do not hesitate to contact us!

For those working on EA projects and in EA organizations:

At the moment, we are thinking about managing mental health, well-being, and sustainable motivation on an organizational level. If you have any thoughts about the topic (areas that need to be covered or problems that need to be solved etc.), we are happy to hear more about it! We are currently doing research into this area, and we would be grateful for your input!

For professionals and projects in EA mental health:

We would love to coordinate more, get feedback or help other people interested in this area. 

Contact us on our email: kosikova.terezie@gmail.com and kristyna@stastna.cz 


Who we are

Kristýna Šťastná (project co-founder) is a psychologist and a CBT therapist in training. She has been running a mental health programme in the Czech EA Association. Outside of Effective Altruism, she has experience in psychotherapy research on mindfulness as a common factor in psychotherapy and cognition in behavioral activation during depression (in collaboration with the Psychopharmacology and Emotional Research Lab at the University of Oxford).


Terezie Kosíková (project co-founder) is a certified mindfulness and CBT coach (more info on her website). She has focused on movement-building in Czechia as a grantee on Community Building Grant from CEA. In the Czech EA Association, she incubated and coordinated some smaller projects as a project manager. She is interested in charity entrepreneurship, mental health, and EA meta-cause areas. She has a background in Law and Journalism. 

Sylvie Wagnerová (external consultant) is an effective altruist with interest in mental health. She works for the Dutch Ministry of Education while also consulting for the Mental Health Project. She is active in the career coaching project within the Czech Association for Effective Altruism and is a mentor in the Yoda mentorship programme for high school students.

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